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The Reluctant Warlord

by Patrick King

Before El Chapo and Escobar there was Khun Sa!

Dubbed the ‘Prince of Death’ he rose to power in the war torn jungles of Burma and by 1990, was the world’s biggest opium warlord — with a $2 million bounty on his head. But he was also a freedom fighter commanding an army of 30,000, to defend the Shan people from slavery by a brutal Myanmar regime.

In this compelling memoir, filmmaker Patrick King gives the first detailed account of Khun Sa’s entire life. It connects the warlord to historic world events and uncovers a lamentable saga of global corruption, greed and a conspiracy between governments, the CIA and drug lords. Are yesterday’s mistakes — today’s regrets?

King recounts his unique relationship with the warlord and the bizarre world in which he lived — a ‘Rambo’ special forces colonel, ruthless mercenaries, a wild bunch of politicians, drug cartels, a blonde heiress, English lords and even shoes for Princess Diana — this story has it all.

Kidnapping Ronnie by Author Patrick King- Out Soon

New Edition - New Chapters 

Kidnapping Ronnie

by Patrick King & Tudor Gates

By the 1980s, the escape of fugitives from the British justice system was becoming a public embarrassment. There were villains and bank robbers living with impunity in Spain on the 'Costa del Crime'. Public feeling was that something ought to be done about this scandal and the press had taken up the cry against the government. But, how could any effective action be taken in such cases without creating a diplomatic incident? "Kidnapping Ronnie" tells the true story of the abduction of the notorious Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs from Brazil in 1981. It is one of the most spectacular capers in criminal folklore, involving a world famous villain, a group of former soldiers, and the shadowy world of British Intelligence.

But, who was the mastermind behind the kidnap mission? Speculation has long been rife and many names have been suggested, all powerful figures with the money and the connections to have had the infamous train robber nabbed by such a highly-trained team of ex-servicemen. Was the kidnapping organised and funded by someone looking to make a quick buck from the massive publicity surrounding the whole affair? Or was the main organiser someone who wanted Ronnie Biggs to serve the time he deserved? It was even suggested that the Government may have been behind things from the start...In this remarkable tale of conspiracy, adventure and intrigue, one of the team relives his experience and shares his side of the story for the first time. Kidnapping Ronnie makes for an unforgettable, action-packed read.