‘Patrick King switched into military mode and started to make telephone calls to Khun Sa’s men. Twenty four hours later, our small team found itself doing something even the hardiest members had never done before.’

Roger Cook, the Cook Report

The Heroin Highway, Central Television

‘You represented your colours well Pat, on our visit to the Golden Triangle. Its great to know that some of us with true courage are forever mates. Together we win.’

Bo Gritz, US Green Berets

Khun Sa and the Golden Triangle

‘At last an absorbing history of the most haunting musical instrument on the planet’.

Sunday Times Magazine

‘An impressive documentary.’

Scots Magazine

Award Winning Instrument of War documentary series

‘One of the most puzzling crime stories’

Daily Mail

‘King lifts the lid on the kidnap attempt.’

Scottish Daily Record

‘One of the most renowned capers in British criminal folklore.’

Irish News

Kidnapping Ronnie

‘Patrick, you asked all the right questions.’

Warren Kimball, US Author and Historian

Churchill and The President documentary for A&E